8 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism To Lose Weight

Accelerating our metabolism can help us lose weight and feel good about ourselves. We show you some tricks for it.

Even if you have inherited your family's metabolism, you are not doomed to settle for it and live with overweight and the discomfort that entails. It is always possible to modify our metabolism and make it work with us and not against us to lose weight.

The following tips help many people to accelerate metabolism, so that their body loses weight faster, healthier, and more natural in less time and with less effort. 

Tips to modify metabolism and lose weight.

1. Eat something nutritious every day

Eating something nutritious for breakfast will cause your metabolism to start working immediately and correctly. You can have something like a spinach and feta cheese omelette with a slice of whole-wheat toast shortly after you get up.

This is because breakfast gives the body energy; Best of all, it does so from low-fat sources. Then, this begins to work with the food we give and lose weight more easily.

In addition, it is advisable to dine lightly, since during the night we spend several hours fasting and the body will accumulate as much fat as possible.

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2. Add green tea to your weight loss diet

Green tea offers multiple health benefits.
Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, but it has also been recently discovered that it helps speed up metabolism and thereby lose weight quickly.

Those who incorporate the habit of drinking green tea have the possibility of losing weight faster than others because it facilitates the oxidation of fat and thermogenesis. However, of course, this depends on other factors that it is advisable to review with a professional.

The ideal amount is 5 cups of green tea a day, which greatly increases the body's energy with just 90 calories.

3. Eat foods rich in omega 3

We already know that eating fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids (such as salmon or tuna) speeds up the metabolism, in addition to regulating blood sugar levels and reducing other problems such as inflammation. In addition to this, such fatty acids also help reduce resistance to leptin, a hormone that facilitates weight loss.

In case you don't like eating fish or prefer other alternatives, you can add a daily omega 3 supplement that contains between 1,000 and 2,000 milligrams or some nuts to get the same benefits.

4. Do not eliminate all calories from your diet

A good breakfast helps control our metabolism.

We have the idea that those who eliminate more calories from their diet manage to lose weight more easily. 

Although this may be true at the beginning when our body realizes that we give fewer calories it begins to accumulate fat to increase its energy reserves. Therefore, eating more speeds up your metabolism, as long as you choose healthy foods that provide nutrients.

It is also important that you do not spend long periods of fasting. Ideally, eat 6 times a day (300 calories each time), instead of making two meals too plentiful or high caloric.

5. Add different intensities to the exercise

The next time you exercise (walking, swimming, running, etc.) add some 30-second intervals in which you increase the intensity and then return to normal intensity. These slight changes will make your body consume more energy, considerably strengthens the ability of cells to regenerate, and helps them have more oxygenation.

With this, you can also exercise less time but achieve the desired goals much faster. You can add these intervals to any sport you play. Here is a simple exercise that you can do at home:

6. Take a break after exercising

Exercise is a gift that we can give to our body and our health, but it can also cause very severe fatigue when it is too intense. 

Although exercise helps us to accelerate metabolism, a key element is an adequate rest, which allows our body to return to its state of total calm.

It is important to keep in mind that the number of calories you burn with exercise must be greater than the amount you consume; This will help you lose weight more effectively.

7. Avoid trans fats

We have all heard how bad these types of fats are, but they also reduce our body's natural ability to burn fat. This is because they alter our cells and lengthen our metabolism.

As if this were not enough, they can also generate insulin resistance and inflammation. So eliminate trans fats from your diet, speed up your metabolism, and lose weight.

8. Increase protein intake

Our body takes longer to digest foods rich in protein than those rich in fat or carbohydrates. This means that when you eat protein, you feel satisfied for longer, while your metabolism continues to work and burn fat to achieve it.

This translates into a considerable acceleration of your metabolism and a reduction in hunger. In addition, it has been shown that eating protein allows you to gain muscle instead of fat.

Accelerate your metabolism with a good diet
Genetics marks some characteristics of our body, but with some changes, we can take control of what we want to modify and achieve weight loss. 

Accelerating metabolism means that this will work faster, burn more calories and we will reach or stay at our ideal weight.

By following these tricks, we give our bodies the opportunity to stay healthy in a natural and self-regulated way. 

This is much healthier than trying complicated diets that generate few results or following a poor diet that will make us sick.

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