How To Lose 10 Pounds Or More On A Simple Diet

Setting the goal of losing 10 pounds or more is a big step. It takes a lot of courage to decide to completely change your life and recognize that you deserve health and happiness.
Do you know how much you are worth?
Maybe you've been to that same place before and struggled to meet your goals? Maybe you've lost weight here and there, only to gain it on top of a little extra.
I know how difficult it can be to try to lose weight without ever achieving your goals.
Well… That was BEFORE.
You are ready to change your life from the inside outYou can make healthy choices that will support your newfound determination to let the best version of yourself shine.
I am here to help you do it.
Losing weight doesn't have to be traumatic, exhausting, or difficult. it doesn't need three hours of exercise every day.
All you need is a simple, healthy diet and a little courage to stick to it.

How To Lose 10 Pounds Or More On A Simple Diet

1. Eat “whole” (whole) foods

lose 10 pounds eat whole foods
You've probably heard the phrase “whole foods” before, but you may not be sure exactly what they are or what “whole food diet” means.
Whole foods are simply foods that are unprocessed (or minimally processed) and in almost their natural state.
Fresh vegetables, fruits, unprocessed meats, nuts, and whole grains are all types of whole foods.
Chicken nuggets are not whole foods, but a chicken breast without breadcrumbs is.
A fruit pie is not a whole food, but fresh fruit and quinoa are.
You see what I mean?
Whole foods are really important for weight loss, especially extreme weight loss. Our body uses the best of the foods that have the most nutrients, which means it helps you metabolize, eliminate, and many other processes that help you lose weight.
When foods are processed, they often contain MORE calories but lose their nutritional value, fiber, and water, all of which help keep you FULL.
This is the reason why low-carb or low-fat diets that allow you to eat processed foods such as granola bars and sugared yogurt don't work in the long run. These foods don't have enough of the RIGHT nutrients to keep you full.
So you are not losing weight AND you are hungry all the time. 

2. Detoxify from carbohydrates

lose 10 pounds eliminate carbohydratesDETOX! Oh no… I can hear your red flags go up! Do not panic!
Don't worry, it's not permanent unless you want to.
Eliminating carbohydrates from your diet completely for a while will help kick-start your fat-burning process, which may take a bit of time. The problem is, the modern diet is FULL of processed carbohydrates and the body does not always know how to fully absorb the large amounts it is given.
Your insulin and hormones are ejected and your body can't even process the right things anymore! This is also 100% linked to your gut health.
Eliminating carbohydrates from the diet for a short time can resolve this problem and reverse its effects.
Once your metabolism is active, you will be able to burn calories faster. It will also help you control your insulin if you have blood sugar problemsYour gut health will follow too!
Basically, you are going to prepare your body to become a fat-burning machine!
Detoxing carbs can mean either eliminating them completely or cutting back on carbsIf you feel like you're not going to survive without fruit or quinoa for a few days, then it's probably best not to cut them out altogether.
This is why I don't want your diet to be overloaded, but you should know that a complete elimination will help you lose the weight MUCH faster and in a short period of time!

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3. Avoid prepackaged foods, including salads

This brings us back to what I said about consuming whole foods in the first bullet.
Avoid packaged and processed foods like the plague.
They can be tempting because they help "portion control", but DON'T go near them! They often contain additives, excess fat, and too much saltThe vinaigrette found in prepackaged salads can contain up to 200 calories… nothing in the vinaigrette!!!
If you really like the ease of buying a salad mix, be sure to check the label. Avoid sugar, high fructose corn syrup, excess fat, and hydrogenated oils.

4. Eat lots of high-quality protein

lose 10 pounds eat foods high in protein
Protein is very important for keeping you full when trying to lose weightYou probably already know that it also helps build muscle mass, which can help your body become a fat-burning machine.
If you like meat, eat lean grass-fed beef, lean skinless chicken, salmon, halibut, turkey, or eggs.
Vegetables also contain high-quality protein, especially legumes, quinoa, hemp, chia seeds, and buckwheat. But be sure to eat them AFTER you have completed your detox described above."
Here's why a high protein diet is the best way to lose weight fast:
It is difficult to overeat when it comes to balanced meals that contain a good amount of protein, combined with vegetables that are high in nutrients and fiber.
So not only will you lose weight fast, but you will also feel FULL and satisfiedYou forget about the hunger pangs when you "diet". It sounds like a win-win to me.

5. Cut the alcohol

Fancy a drink with the girls after a tough day? Maybe try to think twice.
But the wine… ..!?!? 
I understand. I love wine. Do not worry. It is also temporary. It is important to cut off alcohol for a while to aid the detoxification process.
Alcoholic beverages are high in calories and some are loaded with sugar. Margaritas generally have over 300 calories per serving.
But keep in mind that it's not just the calories. Alcohol is basically a poison that we put into our bodies. Although drinking red wine has anti-stress and anti-oxidant properties, it is still not good for your health.
It messes up your body's systems and impairs your judgment, causing you to make bad food decisions.
How often did a few glasses of wine change your mind about the salad you intended to eat for dinner or sticking to your no-dessert policy during the week?
Yes me too. Wine SABOTS my food.
Ok, so you think about sticking to a beer or a glass of wine. A beer has around 150 calories, while a glass of wine has 100. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?
If your goal is to lose 10 pounds or more and you drink regularly, those extra empty calories are going to slow you down dramatically.

6. Make vegetables your new best friends

lose 10 pounds eat lots of vegetables
Vegetables are pretty much the only thing you can eat as much as you want and keep losing weight. It's not just because of their nutrients and fiber content.
Vegetables contain a lot of water. A study at the University of Tokyo found that women who eat water-rich foods, such as vegetables, have lower body mass and lower waistlines than women who don't.
They believe that the extra water in food makes you feel fuller faster, which in turn makes you eat less.
I know vegetables can be DEPRESSING with a capital D, but they really are one of the secrets to lasting weight loss. What other foods can you eat at will?
The key is to practice making them DELICIOUS I love roasting them in the oven with oil. Steamed vegetables never turn out so good.

7. Break up with the sugar

Many healthy foods contain natural sugar, so you can never get rid of it completely. It's bound to be like the exes you're still friends with on social media.
The main problem is the added sugar, which can really increase your intake of carbohydrates and calories. It's usually added to foods high in fat and refined starches, which certainly won't help you lose weight.
When you consume sugar in everything from morning coffee to evening dessert, it really starts to do a lot. Often it's in foods that you don't even suspect. This is again why we should avoid all processed foods as much as possible!
How to break your sugar addiction?
Well, that's easier said than done. We all know that. Maybe you've tried it before.
Here is how to do it. The emphasis should not be on eliminating all foods that contain sugar forever. It is neither practical nor pleasant.
Instead, the focus should be on replacing these bad eating habits with new, healthy ones. If you can do this, you will naturally think less and less sugar.
Of course, he will always be there to tempt you to some extent. We don't promise that you will never dream of sugar again. The people who claim this are just crazy, in my opinion.

But you will think about it a lot LESS and will be able to control it (much less binge eating…).

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